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Technology Acquisition & Development Fund (TADF)
Implementing Partner

Request for Proposal (RFP) Cycle: Fourth

RFP Opening Date: 01-Jul-2016
Status: Open

RFP Closing Date: 15-Oct-2016 (1700 Hrs)
    Time Left : FourthCycle





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TADF Scheme Summary

TADF is revolutionary scheme for enabling Technology Acquisition and Development as per the National Manufacturing Policy 2011 (NMP) through patent pool and licensing; reimbursement of direct patent acquisition cost; incentivizing production of equipment for controlling pollution, reducing energy consumption and for water conservation through interest and capital subsidies; and incentives for energy and environmental audit, waste water treatment, rain water harvesting, renewable energy and Green Buildings. It
    • India needs to create an effective environment to enable its Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to partner with global businesses to evolve “Innovative Clean / Green / Energy Efficient Technologies” to catalyze the manufacturing growth which will contribute to the national focus of “Make in India”.

      To accelerate this process, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt of India had notified [vide  DlPP’s Notification reference no SO 2580 (E) dated September 21, 2015 , a unique Scheme for enabling Technology Acquisition and Development under the National Manufacturing Policy 2011 especially supporting the followings:

      • Reimbursement of Direct Patent Acquisition Cost.
      • Incentivizing through Capital subsidies for adoption of innovative technologies in the areas of Energy & Water Conservation, Controlling Pollution, Waste Water treatment, Rain Water harvesting, Renewable Energy and Green Buildings.
      TADF scheme is a transformational mechanism for Indian MSMEs to acquire Clean, Green & Energy Efficient Technologies, in form of Technology / Customised Products / Specialised Services / Patents / Industrial Design available in the market with requisite level of proof from individuals, organizations located in India or anywhere else across the Globe.

      TADF scheme is Technically & Administratively  managed by the Global Innovation & Technology Alliance (GITA).

  • Who should Apply?
    • TADF Scheme is applicable to All Existing & new MSMEs including those in the National Investment and Manufacturing Zones (NIMZs).
  • Technical & Administrative Eligibility
      • Companies must be incorporated in India and should be classified under the MSME category as defined by the Govt of India (including proprietorship, partnership, LLP, private limited, limited) with at least 51% stake should be held by Indian citizens.
      • The Technology / Customised Products / Specialised Services / Patents / Industrial Design to be acquired or brought, provided by a reputed & registered organisation, located in India or anywhere else across the Globe.
      • The Technology / Patents / Industrial Design must be categorised as `Clean and Green Technology' as per the specifications / definitions / eligibility criteria.
      • The applicant either should have required competence in the field or already been involved in the production, fabrication and manufacturing process using the technology, process or similar line of activities.
  • Schemes under TADF
    • Sl.No Schemes of TADF Funding Support
      1 Direct Technology Acquisition Reimbursement of 50% of technology transfer fee or Rs 20 Lakhs, whichever is lower
      2 In-direct Technology Acquisition Subsidy of 50% of the mutually agreed value or Rs 20 Lakhs, whichever is lower
      3 Subsidy for Manufacturing Equipment / Technology Subsidy of upto 10% of capital expenditure incurred on new Plant & Machinery subject a maximum of Rs 50 Lakhs
      4 Incentive Scheme for Green Manufacturing ** The scheme facilitates resource conservation activities in industries located in NIMZ through the introduction of incentive / subsidy schemes for energy/ environmental / water audits, construction of green buildings, implementation of waste treatment Facilities and implementation of renewable energy projects.

      ** Refer Gazette

  • Mode of Technology Acquisition
      • Outright purchase of Technologies with / without the engagement of a Consultant
      • Joint venture with counter parts for Relevant Technology Acquisition
      • Purchase of active Intellectual Property Right (IPR) for large scale deployment of relevant technologies
      • Creation of Technology Pool/Patent Pool
    • 01 Download the Guideline and Application Form from and complete the same with necessary testimonials.
      02 Register yourself for Online Application Submission.
      03 Submit the completed application till the Midnight of the last date of the respective RFP Cycle will be considered. Application will only be accepted through Online Mode; any other form of submission will not be considered.
      04 Applicants will be informed via email after the initial Screening for the Completeness of the Information.
      05 Techno-financial evaluation of received Proposal by a Panel of Experts (PoE) appointed by DIPP / GITA will be carried out and applicants may be called at their expenses for making presentation to the PoE.
      06 Approval of Green Manufacturing Advisory Committee (GMAC) on evaluated proposal by the PoE. be communicated to all applicants via email.
      07 Release of the Grant letter by GITA to the Successful Applicants and Signing of Agreement.
      08 Submission of hard copy of Commissioning Letter (with by Financial Utilization Certificate signed by the third party CA auditor) of the approved technologyjointly by the applicant company and the Technology provider.
      09 Immediate Release of Grant Fund after on site verification by Experts / GITA personnel.
  • Evaluation Cycles
    • Request for Proposal will remain open till January 31, 2017

      • 1st  Cycle: Application received till January 15, 2016
      • 2nd Cycle: Application received till February 29, 2016
      • 3rd Cycle: Application received till June 30, 2016
      • 4th Cycle: Application received till October 15, 2016
      • 5th Cycle(Last): Application received till January 31, 2017
  • FAQs
    • Q: How do you define a “Technology”?

      A: It is defined as a Customised Product/Specialised Service/Patent/Industrial Design and Equipment/Machines etc for specific application/purpose in any industry. 

      Q: What are the nature of proposals to be supported?

      •Development of a new or improved product resulting in prototype development and ending with demonstration in commercial environment.
      •Development of a new or improved process resulting in establishment of process knowhow, development of process equipment and demonstration of yield, efficacy etc in your plant.
      •Absorption and up-gradation of Technology relevant to your area of operation of your company.
      •Development & demonstration of technologies for common use by cluster/group of industries.
      •Development & demonstration of technologies for Government’s flagship and mission mode projects.

      Q: I have already procured/assimilated the technology, am I eligible for funding now?

      A: No. The technology assimilation/acquisition should only occur after the issuance of Grant Sanction Letter.

      Q: How do you classify a technology as a clean/green technology?

      A: Any innovate technology that will bring down the carbon foot print and can demonstrate significant reduction in water/energy consumption and increase in efficiency will be considered as a clean/green technology.

      Q: Is this scheme specific to any sector?

      A: No. It is applicable for all sort of Clean & Green mechanisms & processes across all sectors.  

      Q: I am unable to source the technology on my own, how can GITA help me?

      A: GITA can acquire the technology on your behalf, you will need to apply under the In-direct technology acquisition scheme. In this case, the right to transfer the technology will reside with DIPP/GITA.

      Q: I have already procured a technology and need to buy the same technology again. Am I eligible for TADF?

      A: No. the technology sought must be of higher cadre that will bring greater efficiency and will have to qualify as a clean/green technology.

      Q: I have to acquire some land to set-up a new plant that will optimise my current plant, will I get funding under TADF?

      A: Capital expenditure including on plant and machinery subject to a maximum of Rs 50 Lakh or 10% of the acquiring cost is eligible for reimbursement. No land or refurbishment cost will be eligible under this funding.

      Q: When should I source the Technology?

      A: In case of outright purchase of the Technology, it may be sourced upon the receipt of the Grant Sanction Letter from GITA. In case of Technology being developed in-house, the application date of the Technology for the specific improvement purpose should be after the receipt of the issuance of the Grant Sanction Letter. 

      Q: If I am rejected in one cycle, can I apply in the next/subsequent cycle?

      A: Application which has been technically rejected in any cycle for specific Technology, the same Technology will not be entertained in any other cycle. However the same company may apply for other Technology in any cycle.  

      Q: How long does it take to process an application?

      A: The processing of Application till to the issuance of Grant Sanction Letter to company by GITA may take approximately 3 months.

      Q: What if the company applying is a Dormant company?

      A: A company which is Dormant in nature for last one Financial Year from the date of Application can’t avail the grant.

      Q: What if the Promoter/CEO/Managing Director of the company is not an Indian citizen?

      A: Company is eligible in case 51% stakes are held by Indian citizen(s).

      Q: Does the company need to pay any service charge to GITA for the services rendered during entire process?

      A: No.

      Q: Is the grant repayable?

      A: No, it is a grant is not a loan.

      Q: Can the company ask for an upfront payment?

      A: No. Grant is only available in form of reimbursement.

      Q: Can a company engage a consultant to act and apply on its behalf?

      A: No, company must apply directly to GITA. Kindly take note that GITA has never appointed anyone or any company to act on its behalf during application stage.

      Q: The technology have to be sourced from overseas only?

      A: No. The technology can be sourced from within India as well.

      Q: I have a technology and am ready to transfer/sell it. Can I benefit from TADF?

      A: The TADF scheme is devised to provide support to only buyers/technology assimilators. Therefore you may be benefited by selling it to an appropriate Indian MSME. 

      Q: I am an Indian MSME however not registered with appropriate authority, can I apply for funding under TADF?

      A: The TADF scheme is eligible for registered MSMEs only, if you are in the process of registering as the MSME, you may apply. However, you will be eligible for funding only upon producing the requisite documents during evaluation stage.

      Q: Can a company apply for more than one grant?

      A: A Company can only apply for one grant at one time from GITA. Company can only apply for another grant after their current project is successfully closed.

      Q: We are a newly established company. Due to that nature, we are unable to provide certain documents that are required in the application form’s checklist. How can we proceed?

      A: You may apply through the online process and provide the best available relevant set of documents. We will further put up your case of Panel of Experts (PoE) for furtherance. 

      Q: What are the categories that are eligible to qualify under TADF?

      •Design, formulation, materials and methods transfer, including design improvement and optimisation;
      •Know-how, knowledge, skills and expertise transfer, including training and mentoring related to the technology being transferred;
      •Designs, equipment, systems, machinery and tooling directly related to the product and process technology being transferred;
      •Intellectual Property payments (e.g. Licensing Agreements) and expertise transfer payments to enable the program.
      •Specific business services as specified in DIPP’s Notification reference no SO 2580 (E) dated September 21, 2015 (

      Q: What is mode of application?

      A: Only Online applications will be accepted via (, no other mode will be considered 

  • Download Documents
    • Promotional Flyer
    • Guidelines for Applicants
    • Application Format
    • Executive Summary
    • Ideal Presentation for Applicants
    • FAQs

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We would like to inform you all, that Technology Acquisition and Development Fund (TADF) scheme has officially been transferred from Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce to Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME).

This ‘Scheme’ may be administratively restructured & revamped which may take sometime. Till such time, the remaining cycles related to this scheme will be temporality suspended.


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