Testimonials (16)
Dr. Nitin S. Kale
CoFounder & CTO, Nanosniff Technologies Pvt Ltd
I shall be very happy to share our experience with GITA. We had a smooth application process; & a rigorous technical & business case evaluation. And since the time we started our work under the GITA umbrella, we have found the inputs from the technical & business evaluators to be extremely useful. Infect, we are happy to adopt some of their suggested approaches. So, for us, it has been a very fruitful journey along with GITA.
Dr. Rakesh Bhasin
Senior Vice President, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited
My Journey with GITA has been very exciting so far. Very transparent and professional people/processes make the journey more exciting and fruitful. There are well defined timelines associated with each milestone and everybody is on same page for running this process more efficiently and professionally. Screening and Selection of projects for funding is done by team of experienced professional and based on true innovation which will be beneficial to the last man in the society. Looking forward to work with GITA team for this noble project which will be boon for the society.
Mr. Ajay Sharma
Vice President, Bharat Forge Ltd.
We earnestly thank GITA for considering us suitable partner in contributing towards their National mission of evolving indigenous futuristic & revolutionary technologies. It is truly an un-paralleled experience of getting unstinted support & interacting with GITA professionals who are full of Zeal & enthusiasm to ensure that we together, achieve our set objective. I assure you of our best efforts in creating a success story and becoming a role model in achieving envisaged innovative work.
Dr. Anup Karwa
Director, SFPL Crop Life Science Pvt Ltd
My journey has been greatly enriched due to expert inputs from GITA reviewers with fine-tuning the business exploitation plan thus making the realization plan practically executable. It’s remarkable and inspiring for emerging agriculture organization like ours to be considered for funding from GITA which supports innovation driven applied research to reach market thereby enabling faster product development. Team GITA is powerhouse of perseverance, works proactively as a corporate entity that nurtures deserving technologies reach logical conclusion with a mentored timeline.
Mr. M.Parvez Alam
Chief Operating Officer, UCAL-JAP Systems Ltd
GITA is one of the unique organisation who has successfully demonstrated the public private partnership with true spirit. I am quite impressed with the young & dynamic Leadership of Dr. Suprotim Ganguly who has an eye for innovation and R & D. The commitment & support by the GITA staff is tremendous. UCAL's journey so far with GITA has been a trendsetter on how industry and government can coherently work together for the development of the nation. GITA is the true national resource for the intellectual brains in the country
Mr. Parikshit Thakur
Director, Plenar Health Solutions Pvt Ltd
The journey has been full of learning and support. GITA has improved our competitiveness by guiding through their experience and bringing in touch with stakeholders in the market.
Mr. P. Sridharan Nair
Founder & Director, Greennvironment Innovation & Marketing India Pvt.Ltd.
Supporting whole-heartedly like a Technology based SME Start-Up like us is a great experience. TADF Scheme and Bilateral Calls, all are marvelous and surely would lead us forward to become a very successful Indian SME in future. Thanks to GITA, such a great professional organization.
Ms. Kamal Sharma
Director, Horizon Industrial Products Pvt.Ltd.
It was an excellent journey, right from awareness seminar to signing the agreement. Thorough information was available in writing as well as support by Professional team is really appreciable, very positive attitude with motivation. GITA should keep on doing this.
Mr. Venkat Rajaraman
Founder, Cygni Energy Pvt.Ltd.
Great Experience, Extremely Professional, Highly Transparent, Completely Online, Provides Global Platform. Well Done ! Congrats to all Team Members of GITA .
Mr. Vijay Kumar
Manager, Ampere Vehicles Pvt.Ltd.
Application Process, Cooperation, Support, Analyzing Our requirements, Identifying the need of nation and Excellent Team Work, Journey with GITA will go long!